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(excluding unofficial bootlegs & compilations)

1987- NO SURRENDER GIG (BigO magazine `live’ cassette compilation/ Singapore)
        - RUFF CUTS (cassette compilation/ Singapore)
        - `NAZIS ARE COMING BACK’ (BigO magazine free limited ‘cassingle’/ Singapore)

1988- ALTERNATIVE POP (BigO magazine `live’ cassette compilation/ Singapore)
        - THE EASTERN OFFENSIVE (Straight Times Productions cassette compilation/ Japan)

1989- VIVA LA ANARCHY ‘86-‘88 (Subculture Productions cassette mini album/ Singapore)
        - SKULLCRUSHER (Dark Star Inc. cassette compilation/ England)
1990- IT'S OUR LIVES (Subculture Productions cassette mini album/ Singapore)
        - TOUR DE FARCE Vol. 3 (Empty Records vinyl 12” compilation album/ Germany)
        - DELIRIUM TREMENS Vol. 19 (Delirium Tremens cassette compilation/ Sweden)
        - SPEED AIRPLAY (Radio Lora cassette compilation/ Switzerland)

1991- NIGHTMARE VISIONS (Subculture Productions cassette mini album/ Singapore)
        - NEW SCHOOL ROCK Vol. 1 (BigO magazine CD compilation/ Singapore)
        - WORLD MADE FLESH (Noisy Wreckchords cassette compilation/ Germany)

1992- BRAIN FUCKED (New Wave Records vinyl 7” single/ France)

1993- Untitled cassette album (not officially released)

1994- BONUS (Pony Canyon Records CD & cassette compilation/ Singapore)

1995- REBORN (TNT Productions cassette mini-album/ Singapore)
        - MEE POK MAN (BMG original motion picture soundtrack CD compilation/ Singapore)
        - THE UNDERGROUND SCENE (Pony Canyon cassette compilation/ Malaysia)

1999- OP1999 (Self-released free limited CD demo/ Singapore)

2000- EP ver 1.0 (Subculture Productions CD EP/ Singapore)

2001- DARKAGE (Catalyst Action CD & VCD compilation/ Hong Kong)

2002- KISS MY ACT (Mohegan Records CD compilation/ Singapore)

2003- IT’S CHAOS / BECAUSE (Subculture Productions CD single/ Singapore)

2004- THE FIRST PASSION 2004 (I Scream Music CD compilation/ Thailand)

2005- CHAOTIC YEARS 1989-1995 (DNC Records CD album/ Malaysia)
        - ZOMBIFIED (Pulverised Records CD album/ Singapore)

2006- FOLLOW THE STORM Vol. XV (Metal Storm CD compilation/ Estonia)
        - ZOMBIE II (demo/ Singapore)

2007- VOMIT BAKERY RECORDS COMPILATION #5 (Vomit Bakery Records CD compilation/ USA)

2008- PODRUM AGAINST NAZIS! Vol. 1 (Podrum Music CD compilation/ Bosnia and Herzegowina)

2009- +65 INDIE UNDERGROUND (Universal Music CD compilation/ Singapore)

2010- RUPTURE VS OPPOSITION PARTY (Hate Ape Productions vinyl 7” split/ Germany)

2011- 100 Bands 7" Vol 1 (NHDIYSTREC vinyl 7” compilation/ France)

2015- THE BOLLOCKS/OPPOSITION PARTY (Basement Records vinyl 7” split/ Malaysia)

(Virus Recordz cassettes/ Malaysia)

2017- THE BOLLOCKS/OPPOSITION PARTY (Glord Records cassette split/ Malaysia)

2018- BRAIN FUCKED (Subculture Productions digital EP/ Singapore)

2019- IT’S CHAOS / BECAUSE (Subculture Productions digital single/ Singapore)
       - EP ver 1.0.1(Subculture Productions digital EP/ Singapore)
       - TALES TO HORRIFY (Pulverised Records vinyl 7" EP/ Singapore)


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